A Sign Waving Mannequin

Today I passed by a small clinic and saw something I had never seen before. There was a mannequin dressed as a nurse waving a sign. Instead of wasting an employee on holding up a sign they just purchased a sign waving mannequin to do the job.

I tried doing some research online about these sign waving mannequins and found out that the company I linked to above was the cheapest on the market. They sold these mannequins for way under 1,000 dollars. They are pretty nice. I checked out the mechanics behind the one I saw and they seem super easy to setup. From what I found out online they even have a video to help you set it up.

I think I might buy one for my own business soon. It isn’t a big investment and it’ll save me so much money. Whenever I have a big sale or event i hire sign spinners to attract more clients but this sign waving mannequin makes so much more sense. Sign spinners get bored after a while and start texting and making phone calls on the job. These mannequins won’t stop working ever.

Sign Waving Mannequin

They have a model which can be plugged into a socket (instead of using a battery) and it will work nonstop. With this tool I don’t have to wait for those big end of the year sales to have a sign waving in front of my business trying to attract clients. I can have something doing it all year long! I hope this works out. It seems like it can be a game changer for my business.


The Advantage of Recruiting for Clinicians

Keeping up to date with all the clinical happenings in the fast-paced medical world can be an extremely difficult, not to mention arduous task. In the past, numerous people had to be employed in order to handle the task of keeping track of all the valuable information that is passed around from day to day. Many medical institutions ended up in debt over bad hires and therefore low productivity.

Today there is a much easier solution, clinical recruiting. Rather than wasting company time and money conducting an extensive recruitment process on your own, the standard for most companies today is to outsource the process to hired professionals. If you’re competitor utilizes a recruiting agency and you don’t, you could be in trouble. Before you go right ahead hire the first agency you find however, it’s important to know whats out there first.

There are many different types of recruiting agencies that you’ll need to consider before deciding on one. If you’re in the medical field, it would be wise to consider a firm that possesses specialized knowledge of the specific niche you operate in. If you’re in a technical field, it would be wise to consider someone like IT recruiters in New York. Given the need, recruiting agencies of all kinds have been started in the last decade, therefore you’re sure to find one that meets all of your needs.


History of Clinical Recruiting

For years now, clinicians in all time of medical-related settings have relied heavily on recruiting agencies for a large portion of their hiring needs. Given the current economic climate, it is absolutely critical for clinical institutions to remained staffed with the best possible employees at all times. The high turnover rate in these fields made this a very difficult task a decade ago.

As the turnover rate increased over the years, so did the need for efficient recruiting agencies. Many institutions found themselves in messy situations due to being understaffed, and overworked. The transition period was also harsh, as many institutions would simply take whoever they could get at the moment in order to fill the position. Nowadays, this doesn’t have to happen.

Recruiting agencies have provided a remedy for the clinical world. Due to their extensive databases with up-to-date information on countless potential employees, they’re able to fill positions that open up nearly instantly, providing a smooth transition for all those involved. In light of all of this, it’s no secret as to why clinical recruiters have become the standard for hiring in the industry.